Creating an online FarmTreeTool

So far, the FarmTree®-Team worked with PC-based programmes to calculate the performance of Agroforestry systems. Such programmes are great for our own experts. Yet, if external experts should work with our models, they have to have the same recent software. Often, experts, or farmers, in Australia, Senegal or Kenya, cannot work with the FarmTree®Tool.

The Wageningen-based company Agrisim ( is developing a platform for online farm-planning. The company avails of a world-wide grid of soil and historical weather data (see picture). Agrisim and FarmTreeServices agreed in July-2018 to integrate the FarmTree®Tool into the Agrisim platform. Since then, the Agrisim and FarmTreeServices™ teams are in the process of translating the FarmTree-algorithm into server-based language, so that in the near future the Agroforestry Planning Tool will be available to everybody with access to internet.

We expect that a first version of the online FarmTreeTool will become available early 2019.

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Agrisim is developing an algorithm to rank the suitability of parcels for over a thousand crops and trees. This helps farmers to consider crops beyond the usual maize, beans, etc.