Our FarmTree-Team

Frank van Schoubroeck

Frank van SchoubroeckLead Expert
Dr Frank van Schoubroeck holds an MSc in Agronomy and a PhD in Innovation Studies from Wageningen University. He spent over 20 years in Asia and west-Africa working on smallholder-managed agroforestry and forest governance. His consultancy - - focuses on providing Agroforestry Planners the numbers to justify their investments; the Tools to get those numbers, and the Training to use those tools.

Adamou Salissou - Agroforestry and FarmTreeTool Expert, Niger 

Adamou Salissou is a Forestry and Agroforestry expert with three years of experience in using the FarmTreeTool. He has, with his colleague Zibo Hafissou, put together Regional Data Pools in three Regions. He has given training to youth farmers about using the FarmTreeTool-Plot Planner in Niger, Mali and Senegal. He further suggests on improving the FarmTreeTool based on feedback from young entrepreneurial farmers.

Peter Paap - Forestry and Climate-Smart Agriculture
Peter Paap is an expert in Capacity Building in the environmental sector. He has worked in various countries in West and Central Africa. Mr. Paap has advanced the Oxfam portfolio on Climate Smart Agriculture and Agrobiodiversity; several projects were formulated with his support in Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe and RDC. He has done cosultancy services for the UNDP and formulated proposals for the Green Climate Fund.

Judith Sinja - Agro-economist

Judith Sinja is a development economist with a keen interest in agroforestry. Judith studied her Bachelor’s degree in Range Management and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Nairobi in Kenya and a PhD degree at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She worked for over 12 years in research for development with ILRI and ICRAF. She is currently focusing on Agroforestry as a sustainable development solution.

Pool of young professionals. FarmTreeServices work with young professionals who all contributed to both the concept and the use of the FarmTree®Method in practice. They include: Adam Badiane MSc (agroforestry business plan development,; Senegal)  Zibo Hafissou MSc (agro-economist,; Niger); Carmen van Schoubroeck (mathematics / statistics / system designer,, The Netherlands)

Stijn Thürkow

Stijn Thürkow - Web designer and maintenance

Student Information Science at the university of Utrecht. Having set up his own company Support Student and currently working at the wordpress specialist company Savvii, Stijn gained experience with website development and hosting solutions. Stijn Thurkow helps Frank with maintaining the website and other IT related tasks. He is further designing an online version of the FarmTreeTool.

FarmTreeServices combines international and local expertise

Our colleagues include:

  • 25 extension staff in Mali, Senegal and Niger, of NGOs Stop Sahel, SY-AFD and Experna, who worked with the FarmTreeTool-Plot Planner
  • 4 local FarmTreeTool Experts capable of providing training
  • 15 farmers' groups - often Saving for Change women groups - who planned their Agroforestry gardens with the FarmTreeTool

Further we work with agro-economists, IT specialists, game makers, and system model builders, besides Agroforestry specialists.


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