Frank van Schoubroeck with Judith Sinja presented a seminar at the World Agroforestry Centre on March 1, 2017. The lecture covered methods for both plot-level and landscape-level cash flow planning. Click the picture for a link to a recording. You can download the presentation.

The discussion centered on the ability of the Tool to take in existing tree stands, on ways to collect base data, on introducing risks, and on the underlying assumption that farmers plant trees for harvesting, which may be against forest laws.

Farmers wanted to know when they would be able to use the Tool in Kenya. This depends on funding for tailoring the Data Pool and FarmTree-Model to the Kenyan context.

The FarmTreeTool is a powerful and flexible instrument that allows us to get to grips with Agroforestry finances and non-economic benefits”,  Dennis Garrity of the Evergreen Agriculture Partnership said, “we should have had this method ten years ago!”