FarmTreeServices calculates the impact of Natural Regeneration

The World Vision Australia Farmer-Managed-Natural-Regeneration Hub (FMNR-Hub) promotes natural trees on farms in 27 countries.

The FMNR-Hub helped millions of farmers to practice this technique. Yet it is difficult to quantify its impact, because many benefits are indirect (soil conservation) or directly used (fire wood, fodder) that reduce women’s work burden rather than bring money.

FarmTreeServices™ developed and FMNR-Planner that captures a sylvo-pastoral system in Baringo, Kenya. FMNR stabilises the growth of grass in-between trees. Farmers tell: “Last year, our neighbours’ cows died, while ours survived”. With the right pruning regime, FMNR-plots can sustain two to three times more cows on the farm (see graph). FMNR thus leads to more resilient farming. Read More Full report available upon request

Tony Rinaudo of the FMNR-Hub on the FarmTree®Tool:

FTS’s description of the benefits of FMNR based on measuring a limited number of primary items made me feel like I was learning about FMNR all over again. This needs to get out to a much wider audience!