FarmTreeServices helps you to show Agroforestry benefits in numbers. Such as: production volumes, water use, carbon sequestration, cash flows, employment rates, nutrition values - or any other quantifiable indicator. From single plot to landscape scale. Therefore we provide tools for programme planners, for out-grower schemes and credit institutions, to smallholder farmers.

We handle Agroforestry systems such as:

  • Plot - Projecting subsistence production of single-system agroforestry plots; including water use, erosion etc.
  • Farm - Projecting cash flows, product consumption and sale, and labour needs of more plots with different systems
  • Cooperative - Projecting the economic performance of multiple farm cooperative
  • Service delivery model - Projecting production and economy of outgrower schemes
  • Landscape - Projecting the economy of landscape elements with different time horizons over decades

Besides, we develop monitoring systems for Agroforestry performance. The Plot Monitor allows to forecast the impact of Agroforestry promotion projects beyond the project period.

We carry out the above calculations with a set of Agroforestry simulation tools. Besides using them ourselves, we tailor-make tools for farmers, extension staff, or project designers. We train programme staff to understand and use Plot, Farm and Landscape planning and monitoring tools.


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