Calculating programme financial scenarios

Most donors want an economic justification of investments in Agroforestry promotion programmes. But also cooperatives, or companies with outgrower schemes and banks want to know if an investment in Agroforestry promotion is likely to be economically viable.

FarmTreeServices has developed a quantitative projection method by which you can assess the economic viability of investing into promoting agronomic systems. The Landscape Planner takes into account the most common trees and crops, baseline, different interventions, project budget, and local risks; and calculates likely business scenarios. 

Our calculations were successful in justifying investments into climate-smart agriculture promotion projects in east-Africa, that are now funded. For an example of such studies, please contact

Business Planning for a shared understanding

One thing is planning an economically viable Plot Plan. Another thing is realising it. For this, FarmTreeServices has a Business Planning format, so that facilitators can help farmers prepare a business plan for the particular plot. Quantitative projections from the Plot Planner are copied into a text document, in which farmers explain how they are going to achieve their plan. Creditors can review such plans and decide to finance the producer or not to realise the plan