Rwanda Agroforestry Cost-Benefit Estimate Tool

Agroforestry Investment Map
An Agroforestry investment map is available for each sector in Karongi, Gicumbi and Gatsibo

The 2018-2019 project Technical Assistance in the preparation of Agroforestry Public investment Projects in Rwanda supports districts to prepare for Agroforestry Investment Projects.

The Project prepared maps for each sector in Karongi, Gicumbi and Gatsibo districts that indicate arable land where Agroforestry tree density is below 150 trees / ha. The Maps indicate potential areas for Agroforestry Investments. For more information, contact GIS-expert Vital Nzabanita,

The Project also prepared a Cost-Benefit analysis of investments in Agroforestry. This Cost-Benefit analysis provides essential Data needed for Project Profile Document preparation by the District Planning Officer. The projections are based on national 2019 price and production estimates, that might vary locally. Hence, FarmTreeServices™ is not responsible for the use of these figures.

HERE is a link to the Rwanda Agroforestry Cost-Benefit Estimate Tool. With a simple login account, you can compare Agroforestry Investment Scenarios in the five agro-ecological zones. Please report to us if you have any issues with this Tool.

For more information about investment scenarios, please contact